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“Horseback Unity”

Recommended Team: Zhang Ling, Shingen Takeda and Kenshin Uesugi

Map: Tianshui/Jieting

Summary: Many young warriors claim to be masters of horseback, but the veteran masters of cavalry begged to differ and soon they propose a challenge to younger so called cavalry masters to have them try and beat the older masters.

Battle Conditions:  Victory: 1st condition: Defeat Ma Chao, 2nd condition: Defeat Shong Cen, 3rd condition: Defeat Yukimura Sanada and Kanetsugu Naoe, 4th condition: Defeat Zan Xiu, Defeat: If Han Zhen or Liu Yawn are defeated

Armies: (only showing the officers you can play as, generics aren’t important)

Veteran Army: (*: means recommended officer, **: means commanding officer, ***;insert number;: means there is more than one or two of this officer)
Zhang Ling*
Shingen Takeda*
Kenshin Uesugi*
Han Zhen**
Liu Yawn**

Coalition Army:
Zan Xiu**
Ma Chao**
Shong Cen**
Yukimura Sanada**
Kanetsugu Naoe**
Zhang Nane
Zan Ruan
Yan Ming
Hui Guo
Ma Dai
Pang De
Mori Hisdude
Dong Shai
Sun Tianwei
Sun Fanji
Keiji Maeda
Nobuyuki Sanada
Here is DLC map that I made for Warriors Orochi 3
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September 15, 2013
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